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Please note: A full reference is required for all Partial and Fullsuit commissions. A front and back view is needed without clothes or any obstructions that could hide design details. Additionally, a close up on the head and any identifying marks (Tattoos, special markings, etc.) is needed as well. If such art cannot be provided, you will be required to receive a fursuit reference before your commission can be accepted. A list of artists can be provided to you upon request. Please be prepared for this additional cost if you are lacking proper reference art.

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Furaffinity, Weasyl, SoFurry, & Imgur links preferred (Please include http://) - If you do not have reference art of your character, please email Dalmy@DalmyDoDatCreations.com after submitting this form
The following add-ons are subject to an additional cost. Also please be aware that claws will be made of viynl or fleece. Resin claws are unavailable.
Please provide specific details on any addons your requested above and any additional details you'd like to include (Color choices on claws, piercings, preference of fur, etc.) If placing a quote for a Kigu, please record your height, weight, and waist size below. Additional measurement information will be provided to you by email.