Full Suits

Full suits start at $2500

Full suits come with a plantigrade bodysuit, handpaws, indoor "sockpaws" footpaws (sandals are included to allow outdoor use), and detachable tail standard. Upgrade options such as silicone pawpads, digitigrade padding, SPH zippers and more are available for an additional cost.

Honey - The Albino Sabertooth Tiger

Toastie - The African Striped Hyena

Partial Suits

Partial Suits start at $1800

Partial suits come with head, handpaws, and tail standard. Upgrade options such as footpaws , chest (3/4 suit) pieces, arm sleeves, and leg sleeves are available for an additional cost. 

Apollo - The Akita

Pherric - The Polar Bear/Arctic Wolf Hybrid


Kigumuris start at $400


Kigumuris (also known as "Kigus") are large, comfy pajama style costumes, built out of fleece. Kigus can vary greatly in price based on design. All standard kigus come with anti-pill fleece and some minor fur details. However, two options are typically offered to interested clients: a Base Model and an upgraded Deluxe model.


The Kigu pictured is a deluxe model complete with anti-pill fleece, Neon UV reactive green fur, green fleece, and green thread. Additionally, it features a "fursuit" style upper chest, back, and arms, which are built with luxury shag and beaver faux fur. Lastly, the tail features a fur detailing in line with the leg and back fur details, which is also UV reactive.

Canine Pattern

Feline Pattern

Suit Parts

Footpaws start at $200

Footpaws are always open for commission. They're available in our indoor "sock paw" style which feature vinyl paw pads, a foam bottom, poly fill stuffing and a broadcloth lining. Or in an outdoor style with the same features but a rubber bottom. They're fully sewn and machine washable! 

Bodysuits start at $700

Bodysuits are open for on a case by case basis and can vary in price between $600-$1000, depending on design. The same upgrade options are available on individual bodysuit commissions as full suits.


Harness, Leash, Muzzle, and Collar designed and built by DalmyDoDat Creations

Model: Darkphox (Fursuit built by White Wolf Creations)

Harness Gear

Half Body Harnesses start at $75

Full Body Harnesses start at $100

Harnesses are available in Half-Body and Full-Body styles. Both styles come with plastic buckles, metal slides, and metal O-rings. Full body harnesses comes with two D-rings as standard, one in the front and one in the back. All the arms are fully adjustable and the standard pattern can fit individuals from any height up to 6'0 and any weight up to 200 lbs. Each harness is made to order and measurements can be given for those who are looking for a specific fit. A variety of colors are available, including patterns such as argyle, plaid, and digital camo. Upgrade options include additional D-rings, metal buckles, and custom colored metal hardware.


Full Gear Sets start at $250

Full gear sets including a matching Full-Body harness, Collar, Leash, and Muzzle. The Harness comes with the same design and upgrade options as all standard harnesses. The Collar and Muzzle are built to be fully adjustable to fit a variety of fursuit heads and necks. Upgrade options include additional D rings, metal buckles, custom colored metal hardware, and a "gag bit" for the muzzle.

Heads, Tails, and Handpaws are not available for individual commissions at this time.